Monday, 1 December 2014

Exercising on the Detox

While undertaking the Lemon Detox Diet, strenuous exercise should be avoided as intense exertion encourages toxins to be rabsorbed rather than eliminated. When we engage in vigorous activity the body is forced to call upon extra reserves of energy and synthesizes energy from protein and fat. This is a demanding process distracting the body from its cleansing priorities and when compounded by the release of lactic acid from muscular activity it only increases the toxic load.

Gentle exercise can however be very helpful to the cleansing process. The key is finding the right balance of activity and rest. Adequate rest is crucial during the Lemon Detox Diet, while resting the body performs its vital cleansing tasks. Most athletes return to full training after the diet with renewed energy and enthusiasm. You’ll find that your body performs more efficiently when it is cleansed and purified, experiencing higher energy levels and performance. 

Why we need to cleanse

Every once in a while, every machine needs an overhaul, every system needs a cleaning, every worker needs a break.

We service our vehicles every once in a while to free them from any blockages or complications and to get them back to their peak performance. If we leave our vehicles for too long without a service, they begin to slow down, losing their vitality and performance. Usually problem after problem will occur. With regular servicing, our vehicles become revitalised and more reliable, and able to function efficiently.

Our bodies are no different....

If we keep trashing our bodies without a constant service we lose our vitality and as a whole we lose sight of how we once used to perform. With an increasing build up of toxins we begin to slow down, we become fatigued, worn out like our vehicles.

There becomes an increase of unnecessary toxins entering our bodies. Numerous chemicals and toxins that have been introduced into the natural environment can find their ways into our bodies through the air we breathe and the water we drink. All of these toxins become part of your daily diet.

Any substance that is brought into our bodies, either natural or artificial, has to be either absorbed by our bodies or eliminated, or it will become toxic in our system. If the intake of such toxins is more than our eliminatory organs (kidneys, liver, lungs and skin) can eliminate then we get a build up of toxic substances.

The Lemon Detox Diet is a simple, safe and effective cleansing program that will revitalize your body and help you achieve the lifestyle that you want. The Lemon Detox Diet lets the body cleanse itself naturally while you take a break from solid food.

People who have completed The Lemon Detox program frequently report a wide variety of benefits including: 

• Cleansing the body
• Weight loss if overweight: 3-6kg in 10 days
• Improved confidence and self-esteem
• Stronger willpower and determination 
• Able to adopt better eating patterns
• Able to kick start an improved lifestyle
• Glowing skin 
• Happier, more positive outlook 
• Greater sense of inner peace
• Boost energy and endurance 
• Shinier hair and stronger nails 
• Increased vigour and vitality

This information is not new. It is an ancient way of life that has worked for thousands of years before science was ever around and has prominent roots in many cultures and religions, and has stayed relevant through centuries and throughout the development of science for one reason: it works. 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bee pollen for hay fever

As we enter into the warmer months of spring and summer, hay fever, which is a common problem affects a large number of people.

An allergy occurs when your body develops an immune response to allergens which creates antibodies. The antibodies then activate receptors on your cells which results in a release of histamine, causing an allergic reaction (puffy eyes, runny nose, etc). Similarly to over-the-counter allergy medications, bee pollen reduces histamine release which helps to lessen or eliminate allergic reactions

If you are a beginner, introduce bee pollen into your diet slowly, a granule or two at a time. The optimal serving of pollen varies with individual needs. You should gradually increase your serving to one tablespoon a day. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Raw Superfoods

Raw Superfoods is absolutely one of the best nutritional foods for on the go. It can be used as a meal replacement or a snack, which provides a hit of nutrients to keep you going throughout the day, and keeping you satisfied. Raw Superfoods is a supreme blend of raw, living whole foods and is jam packed with an astonishing amount of naturally occurring enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients, bringing you the goodness of more than 50 raw wholefoods at their peak potency, in as close to their natural and ‘living’ state as possible.

It comes in a convenient sachet, so you can easily carry it around, and have it at the ready on the go with no tricky measuring or mixing required. Just stir or blend in with water, juice or milk.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Foods to aid digestion

In order to have good health, you need to have a healthy digestive system. There are plenty of foods that can help with digestion and greatly increase your health.

1. Senna tea - senna tea is a mild laxative and is great for cleaning out your digestive system. It should only be used occasionally.

2. Peppermint tea - peppermint tea aids digestion and can settle any stomach issues. It is a great tea to have throughout the day that provides plenty of benefits.

3. Beetroot - beetroot is well known to assist in flushing out your large intestines and is a great thing to include in your diet either in salads, but especially in juices or in smoothies at the beginning of your day on an empty stomach.

4. Lemon - lemon is also great for cleansing the digestive system. For best results have half a lemon squeezed in warm water first thing in the morning, or even have a slice of lemon in your bottle of water throughout the day.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Cleansing for summer

Spring is well under way and summer is fast approaching. So if you've been slacking over winter, now is your best chance to kick the comfort foods and bad habits and make a change. When the weather starts to warm up it's generally natural for us to lean towards lighter foods and more water, if you're having trouble kicking bad habits, a detox may be your best option to get back on the right track.

Lemon Detox is an effective way to reset your eating habits and get rid of cravings, which can be the biggest hurdle when trying to clean up your eating. 
The 7 day cleanse is the most popular and effective, and the 14 day cleanse is best for seasoned detoxers. If you want more flexibility, the 50:50 cleanse or relaxed version is also an option.

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