Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Why You Need To Detox

The body has its own, natural detox mechanisms. The liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, intestines, blood and lymphatic systems all work in sync with each other to eliminate harmful toxins and maintain the bodies balance. Despite this, due to the huge quantity of toxins that are literally everywhere we go, in everything we eat, in everything we drink and in what we breathe, there can be a toxic build up despite the bodies own efficient mechanisms. So in order to make sure our body is in optimal condition, sometimes it is necessary to take matters into our own hands and make an effort to detox.

Toxins are potentially harmful chemical agents that can enter the body through ingestion, smoking and drinking. Not only that, our body produces and takes in waste products through energy production and even by simply breathing. So, it is clear that it is inevitable that you will end up with some sort of toxic load in your system.

There are countless foods that have amazing detoxifying effects on the body and by including them in your diet; you will help to maintain optimal health. However, there really only is one way to completely detox the body quickly and efficiently, and that is simply by eliminating everything you possibly can that puts toxins in your body. Obviously we can’t stop eating, drinking, breathing, producing energy and sit in a purified bubble for a week, so the second best option is to undertake a detox program. There are many different ones on the market of all different varieties. But generally, the idea is to minimise the intake of toxins and minimise the work that your digestive system has to do, so redirecting the blood flow to other areas, assisting in detoxification.

When detoxing, it is normal for people to experience what they call the ‘detox crisis’ where before the toxins are eliminated from your body, they are released into the blood stream and circulate through the bloodstream on the way out. When this happens people may experience feelings of lethargy, nausea, headaches, along with other symptoms depending on the individual. These symptoms generally arise around the second or third day of detoxing. After these have passed, people often experience an abundance of energy, better digestion, among countless other benefits.

The Lemon Detox is a tried and tested, simple and effective detox program. You can commit to it anywhere from 5 days - 14 days and it is very flexible and can be worked around your lifestyle easily. It may be challenging at first but the benefits are overwhelming. It involves a drink replacing all of your meals (the drink becomes your food in liquid form) made up of lemon juice, Madal Bal Tree Syrup, cayenne pepper and water. It is as simple as that.

When it comes down to it, many people don’t detox and they are fine for the moment. However, for health that is better than fine, detoxing will get you there.

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