Sunday, 23 March 2014

Post Detox

So you've just finished the detox, you're ready to go grab a big meal deal and make up for the last week? Lets hope not,  but if so, think again.

The few days after detox are critical and can cause lots of discomfort if you jump straight back into eating.

As important as detoxing itself is, it is just as important to work your way back to eating normally. Your digestive system has just had a rest for up to 14 days and it is important that you gradually re-introduce food in an easily digestible form and eventually re-introduce solids.

DAY ONE: stick to fresh fruit and vegetable juices and pureed vegetable soups. Drink plenty of water! You may also drink herbal teas.

DAY TWO: drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices and soups again, try some brown rice and steamed vegetables for dinner.

DAY THREE: today you can try some porridge or muesli for breakfast, you can now start eating solid foods, preferably still stick to fruits and vegetables today.

From day four you should be able to start eating 'normally' but make sure you make all of your hard work worth it and eat a healthy, whole and balanced diet! Avoid sugar and processed foods. Include plenty of colourful fruit and vegetables, lean meats, fish and wholegrains in your diet.

There are also plenty of products which you can add to your diet which can be a good option to help maintain your health and continue your detoxing efforts to prevent such a large build up of toxins. Lemon Detox Express, helps to cleanse the liver, and maintain general health and wellbeing. Bee Pollen is also an excellent, all natural supplement to include in your diet on a daily basis, particularly after the detox. 
Bee Pollen is extremely nutrient rich and comprised of approximately 27 minerals, 18 amino acids, 17 vitamins, 20+ beneficial fatty acids and 11 enzymes/co enzymes. 
For adults, we recommend one teaspoon, taken twice a day over the period of at least 1 month.

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