Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Can I detox and take Lemon Burn at the same time?

A common question we hear is if the detox will help to lose weight. Or 'can I use a weight loss product while detoxing to help burn fat?'

Yes and no.

The Lemon Detox Diet is, as the name suggests for detoxing the body. However weight loss is a very common 'side effect' of the detox. Toxins are commonly stored in fat cells, so the removal of toxins from the body would reduce the amount of fat cells. Also the obvious fact that you are restraining from eating bad food for a week and providing your body with only the nutrients it requires is definitely a factor as you are getting your body back to its natural body weight. For these reasons, the weight will stay off, if once you finish the detox, you eat a balanced and healthy diet.

In terms of combining the Lemon Detox and Lemon Burn to achieve greater weight loss while detoxing, this should be avoided. The point of 'drinking your food' while doing the detox is to minimize the work your body has to do to digest food. By consuming Lemon Burn, your body is required to break this down which then slows down the detoxification process. Also, your body needs to rest and by consuming stimulants, your body is put under stress. It is fine to take the Lemon Burn after you have competed the Detox program, it is ideal actually, because after detoxing, your body should be functioning its best.

So yes, the Lemon Detox may help with weight loss (depending on the individual), and it is fine to take Lemon Burn after the detox but not while detoxing.

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