Sunday, 20 July 2014

Alternate mixing methods

You may slightly alter the mixing quantities of your detox drink.

If you feel that the taste of the syrup is too sweet or strong you may add water to the recommended mixing quantities. For example if you want to add another half a litre of water to your recommended 2 litre batch to reduce the concentration of the syrup you may, but just remember that you will have to drink an extra half a litre ( i.e. 2 extra glasses of the detox drink ).Remember the most important part of the detox drink is to consume the three and a half lemons and the 140ml of syrup per day. So, it may take you 7 glasses or 10 glasses but as long as you drink this portion per day.

If you feel that you have put too much cayenne pepper in the mix, you can slightly reduce the amount. An extra pinch of pepper can make the drink taste more zingy. If you are totally uncomfortable with cayenne pepper then you may substitute the pepper for ginger.

Another option customers use is:
1. Mix the 140ml of lemon juice and water together into a 2 Litre batch as required.
2. Leave the cayenne pepper and Madal Bal syrup out.
3. Then per glass of the lemon juice and water drink half a glass of the lemon and water mix then from a tablespoon consume 20ml of the syrup with a pinch of pepper. (You will not taste the pepper that much as it will dissolve into the thick syrup.)
4. Finish drinking the rest of the glass of lemon juice and water.

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